About Diagnostics


Diagnostic Services

At Sandymount Vets we understand that as well as having expert staff, the very best in technology is needed to give your pet the care they deserve. That is why we have invested in the very best equipment available.


Our state-of-the-art digital radiography suite which includes a dental x-ray unit is capable of giving our vets the highest quality images in seconds to detect bone problems, foreign bodies, dental problems and much more.

Diagnostic Services and Facilities


We also have on-site blood machines to help us detect illness quickly and use Axiom – an extremely reputable external lab that deliver rapid and reliable results.


Our ultrasound machine helps us see things that cannot be seen on xray. It helps us diagnose many illnesses as well as pregnancy.


What Our Clients Say.

"I love visiting Richard and the friendly team at Sandymount Vets, they always take great care of me and make sure I am feeling my best and have lots of energy to play on Sanydmount Strand! I would recommend them to fellow puppies, plus the treats they give me when I visit and have been a good girl are yummy!"

Lucy the Cocker Spaniel Owner Grainne

"Everyone that works in Sandymount Vets are so loving, kind and caring. Such a fantastic team. Our do Lady loved her visits to ye over so many years and the care she received was amazing. The staff were so professional to Lady and all our family during Lady’s final few days which we are truly grateful for."

Eavonne Donoghue

"Our dog loves to visit Sandymount Vets and every time we pass the door he is hoping to go in! Very thorough review of his health, simple advice to follow and genuine love for our pet."

Anne D’Arcy